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    The Perry Law Firm, LLC is a dedicated and experienced firm which can help you to represent your different types of cases strongly in the court. Our firm not just represent your case but we also understand that requirement and nature of every case and client is different from the other. We have a rich experience in dealing with the cases which are complex in nature and require both experience and tact.

    If you are looking for a legal help in the cases related with family and relationships like divorce, child custody and child support we provide our services in this field. These cases may prove to be emotionally challenging for you and can make you feel frustrated if your case is not well represented. We are well known for helping our clients to protect their rights and interests in such cases.

    Criminal offences have severe penalties. A mistake in representing your case can result in serious consequences. Our services can help you to represent yourself in various criminal offences like DUIs, drug charges, domestic violence, and theft of property, burglary, robbery, and serious sex crimes charges. Attorney Richard Perry is known for representing such cases successfully. You can call us if you face any such situations.

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